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“Each Year, 15 Billion Natural Corks Are Sold Worldwide. Most Are Landfilled!”
        Cork-2-Art connects Southern California businesses with local artists to rescue, reuse, and transform
natural cork, plastic stoppers, and metal caps into beautiful art pieces.

Pilot Program Results Coming Soon!

Cork-2-Art Rescue Team
Businesses Collecting In-House
Drop-off Locations


Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank

Gary Bric's Ramp, Burbank

Gordon Biersch, Burbank

Hotel Amarano, Burbank

Monte Carlo's Italian Deli, Burbank

Henry's Farmers Market, Burbank

Vendome Fine Wine& Spirits, Toluca Lake


Jenneration Fix

Cork2Art Hotel Amarano


The Burbank Green Alliance (BGA) connects Southern California businesses and artists in the name of local cork reuse. We accept all types of bottle closures including natural cork, plastic stoppers and metal caps; unusable cork will be donated to ReCork America for recycling. If would like more information or would like to participate in the program as a business, artist, or art teacher please contact info@bubankgreenalliance.org. Participation in the program is free!



We are seeking:

  • Businesses that want to collect bottle closures in-house
  • Business that want to be Community Drop-Off locations
  • Artists, Crafters, and teachers that want to receive free bottle closures on a regular basis*
  • You! Please donate your bottle closures at participating Drop-Off Locations

*We welcome artistic participation from visual artists, artisans/crafters, and teachers with art programs.  We encourage long lasting partnerships between our business and artists. In order to avoid a high turnover rate, we usually do not setup contracts for short term collections or art projects.  Acceptations are considered on a project by project basis.


In January 2011, Burbank Green Alliance partnered with local artisan Jenneration Fixon the Cork-2-Art pilot program. Seven local businesses were chosen to take part in this new and creative program. Over six months // lbs (amount coming soon) of bottle closures (natural cork, plastic cork, and metal caps) were rescued. As a token of their appreciation, Jenneration Fix selected Burbank Green Alliance as their Charity of the Year and will donate to them 5% of their total 2011 year-end sales. Each business received a certificate of participation with frame and collection vase. Cork pick-up was scheduled on a monthly basis. The results of the program can be viewed above.



Special thanks to our sponsor IKEA of Burbank for donating picture frames and vases and to Jenneration Fix for their creativity and generosity.



It’s simple - a business collects cork and an assigned artist picks it up. The BGA does not keep any cork in-house, but facilitates a relationship between the business and the artist. Pick-up dates and frequency are scheduled between the artist and business.  

Businesses receive a certificate of participation so they can display their commitment to art,   environment, and community.  Frames and collection containers are available while supplies last.   
Participating businesses, artists, art programs and teachers are highlighted on our website. To participate, please contact us for more information.


By rethinking cork and participating in the program you are diverting precious resources from the landfill, supporting local artists, and promoting environmental sustainability.  A list of participating artists and businesses is available on the website.  Participants will also receive recognition in our e-newsletter, social media sites and more.

SAVE THE CORK! Cork is a valuable and sustainable resource. It is 100% natural, biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Please visit the following websites for more information:

Choose Natural Cork First!

BGA promotes the use of Natural Cork over alternatives like plastic stoppers and metal caps. Cork comes from Mediterranean forests and is totally renewable and recyclable. Cork forests provide a “vital source of income for thousands of people and they support one of the world’s highest levels of forest biodiversity, including endemic plants and endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx, the Iberian Imperial Eagle, and – symbol of the Maghreb – the Barbary Deer… But if the demand for cork is not maintained there’s a risk the cork oak landscapes of the western Mediterranean will, within a decade, face increased poverty, more forest fires, loss of biodiversity, and faster desertification...resulting is a permanent loss of 2.7 million hectares of forest.”  For more information on Cork, threats and solutions visist WWF Global – Cork Oak. Click here for a list of WWF suggested wineries supporting cork.